So you want to take this journey with me and place an order for a custom bicycle? First let me say thank you, and I look forward to the dialogue and process. Here’s how to proceed and what you may expect:


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Make Contact

Shoot me a message through the Galaxy Gearworks website contact page and leave your information and a brief message. I will get back to you as soon as possible. We can then start our conversation about what sort of bike you’re thinking about, how and where you might do most of your riding, component and frame options, etc.

details matter

You’ll fill out the necessary information in the Galaxy Gearworks Order Form so I can start the CAD drawing of the bike as well as a digital model of your body so we can visualize the fit. At this point, a $500 deposit will make it a real commitment for both of us, and your bike goes into the build list. I’ll give you an estimate for the design/build timeline.

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Draw and Quote

We’ll discuss the exact components that you’ll plan to use on your new bike to ensure full compatibility and optimum performance. I will provide a detailed quote for the cost of the frame, fork, and/or components for a complete bike build, and I'll create a technical drawing of your new bike. These documents are subject to your final approval before we proceed with the fabrication process. Once everything is approved, I require 50% down payment on all component items before we make any orders.

Make. See. Ship. 

I start building your bicycle! It’s an exciting time, and I’ll set up a dropbox folder so you can see images of the build process as we go from raw materials to your finished bike.

The remaining balance on the completed frame/fork and component items is due upon completion of the project. When we settle the accounting, your bike gets shipped.